Lactobacillus: The Superhero of Your Vagina's Flora

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🚨 Ladies, have you ever heard of lactobacillus? If not, it's time to get familiar with this super important bacteria that keeps your lady parts happy and healthy.

Your vagina is a delicate ecosystem. It's home to all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms, and in order for everything to run smoothly, it's important for the balance to be just right. Lactobacillus is one of the key players in this ecosystem, and it's responsible for keeping the pH levels in check. Psst - quick reminder of your pH sweet spot: 

When your lactobacillus is ~thriving~ you'll have little to no odor, healthy white discharge, and no itching or burning. But when the balance is thrown off, things can get uncomfortable real quick. That's where lactobacillus comes in. It helps to keep the bad bacteria in check, and it also produces lactic acid, which helps to maintain a healthy pH level.

Think of lactobacillus as the superhero of your vagina's flora.

It's constantly working to keep everything in order, so you can go about your day without any worries. So, how do you make sure you have enough lactobacillus in your system? Eating fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut can help, as well as taking probiotics. You can also use products specifically designed for the vaginal area, like CRANEL. In early studies, cranberry was more effective at preventing UTIs and general vaginal flora promotion than probiotics. Plus, CRANEL only needs to be taken weekly - perfect for a self-care Sunday. 

In short, lactobacillus is essential for maintaining a healthy vaginal flora, and taking care of it will help keep your lady parts feeling happy and healthy. So, give lactobacillus some love and it will return the favor!

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