Is Your Vaginal pH Unbalanced? ⚖️

    (10,000+ Happy Women)

  • 4x bottles (1 month supply)

  • 4x pH tests (1 month supply)

  • Drink has a pH of 4, just like your vagina

  • Antioxidant boost

  • Side effects may include jaw-dropping confidence, envious stares, and an irresistible aura of hotness. 

Vaginal pH, what's that?

The pH level of the vagina is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity. A healthy vagina typically has a pH level 

between 3.8 – 4.5. Fluctuations in pH can occur due to various factors such as menstrual cycle, 

sexual activity, hygiene practices, and use of certain medications.

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Why choose CRANEL to balance your Vaginal pH?

Remember, vaginas are like fingerprints, no two are the same. Your vaginal microbiome might 

not need the same pre/probiotics as everyone else. But ALL VAGINAS should remain at the 

optimal pH level of 3.8 – 4.5 to remain Bacterial Vaginosis free.

  • CRANEL's pH is 4

  • Consume Weekly

  • 3,000 Fresh Cranberries

  • Vegan

  • 100mL Drink

  • Strains of pre/probiotics not specific to your vaginal microbiome

  • Consume Twice Daily

  • Not Vegan

  • Huge Pills

Made by Women, for Women

Equivalent to drinking 60 litres of standard cranberry juice or 10 cranberry tablets 💊

Our CRANEL Elixir:

• CRANEL shots are strictly made in the USA and Australia

• Our cranberries are grown and processed in the United States 

• Packed with 3,000 cranberries

• 500mg of PACs (the active ingredient in cranberries)

• More antioxidants than most fruits & veggies

• Great for skin clarity and hair growth

PS: This is the real deal. Expect a tart, natural taste. Don't expect your pH to be unbalanced any longer.


CRANEL Bottles Sold


Juiced Cranberries


PACs (Active Ingredient in Cranberries)

After Selling 80,000+ Bottles , We've Built a Reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?

Get excited for an unboxing experience. Each CRANEL purchased along with instructions and storage recommendations. Our boxes and inserts are recyclable so do a favour for mother earth.

How Do I Use CRANEL?

Once you receive your CRANEL pop your bottles in the fridge. When you are ready to drink your CRANEL shake the bottle for 20 seconds.

You can drink CRANEL straight (it's an acquired taste), with a smoothie, or watered down. Drink one per week and recycle your bottles! 

How Does Auto-Renew Work?

We will send you a box of CRANEL each month. You can select the day of delivery when you log into your account!

How Often Should I Drink CRANEL?

We recommend drinking a bottle of CRANEL once a week to keep your health on point. Each shot has 500mg of PACs, the active ingredient that helps flush bacteria. You can drink CRANEL as often as you'd like as it is natural with zero added sugar, one side effect might be glowing skin! 

Where Is CRANEL Manufactured?

We are an Australian-owned business. CRANEL is strictly manufactured in Australia and the US, depending where you purchase from.