3 Signs Your Underwear Might Be Causing UTIs

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Synthetic fabric is typically nylon or polyester which is derived from coal & petroleum aka plastic yarn. Nylon/polyester is common in many materials in our lives, including toothbrushes, bedding, clothes, carpet, furniture, cups ... you get the idea!
Nylon changed the world when it was invented in the 1930s making it easier and cheaper to create a variety of products.
But there is one place that the handy plastic yarn is not welcome, in our knickers! Synthetic fabrics trap in moisture and can create the perfect breeding ground for infections.
Some signs that you might be having a reaction to synthetic underwear:
  1. Feeling of irritation down-under
  2. An odd smell which is caused by a change in pH in your va-jay-jay
  3. Development of a urinary tract infection (feeling of having to pee, pressure in your abdomen)
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And remember, cotton is king!
A bit of background on cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre that grows on a shrub. Cotton is made-up of 90% cellulose which is an organic compound. For comparison, natural wood and hemp are made up of 50% cellulose. Fun fact, nearly 90% of all cotton used in the world is native to Mexico, southern Florida, and the Caribbean.
Check the labels on your underwear to make sure that all your panties are at least 90% cotton. Calvin Klein, H&M and Bonds have great options for all-cotton panties.
When you're sleeping, wear either loose-fitting bottoms that allow air flow, or commando to give some breathing room.
And of course (you know we had to) .drink CRANEL to keep those UTIs at bay and your vagina happy.

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