The best skinny cranberry vodka (only 3g of sugar & 17 calories)

Posted by Christine Jurzenski on

Did you know most cranberry juices have nearly 25g of sugar? That can be fattening but also worsen a hangover. The sugar competes with alcohol to be processed by your liver. The longer that process takes, the worse the hangover.
We recommend using CRANEL instead which is pure cranberry juice. CRANEL is packed with 3,000 cranberries. This juice has only 17 calories and 3.2g of sugar. Compare that to the standard cranberry juices with nearly 25g of sugar!
CRANEL Vodka Ingredients:
- 4 ice cubes - 1 bottle of CRANEL (100ml)
- 1 shot vodka (low calorie)
Mix well for 30 seconds and enjoy without the guilt of the calories. (Plus the bottles look beautiful on the bar cart).
Cheers! Try it out here:

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