Christina Vithoulkas says her spinal cord injury was meant to happen to her!

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Christina Vithoulkas Wheelchair smiling

The 27-year-old South Australian is making lemonade out of lemons after a 2018 dirt bike crash left her paralysed from the chest down (as seen by her awesome tattoo)!

I wasn’t scared or upset, I just knew that my life was going to change completely, and it wasn’t going to look anything like it did before,” said Christina in a recent interview referring to how she felt after she was paralysed.

Christina explained that in her new world, she has to change her catheter every four hours to pee and every second morning to poop. Throughout the night she can go six hours without changing it, but if she drinks more she has to be mindful and remember to change her catheter.

When this new journey of hers first began, she would often pee herself which we know can lead to a UTI. Christina admitted that she had about 12 UTIs in one year – one which hospitalised her! Ouch.

She emphasized the importance her diet had on keeping her UTIs away and we could not agree more. UTIs are mostly caused by bacteria, and bacteria feeds on sugar. Once Christina removed sugar from her diet, she was UTI free for a year!

AMAZING!  If you’re looking for more information on foods to eat to avoid UTIs, click here.

Christina recently told that she always gets the “sex question” when she meets someone new. “I express when I’m horny because they do not believe, the stigma (means people) do not think we are capable of having sex and I just love talking about it as much as possible.

Craig Hospital explains that women who have experienced spinal cord injuries can still have pleasurable sex, but to be careful as you are prone to infections.

We here at CRANEL HQ say, YOU GO GIRL!

These days Christina can be seen building her house in Queensland, or getting her thrills drifting cars!

“I had this like epiphany moment where I realised that everyone in the room has been conditioned to think that if you’re paralysed that your life isn’t as valuable as it was before so I made that decision on that day that I was going to make this the best thing that ever happened to me and I promised myself that I was never going to have a bad day”


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