Is Vaginal Discharge Normal?

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What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is fluid secreted from tiny glands in the vagina and cervix. This fluid leaks from the vagina each day to remove old cells and debris, keeping the vagina and reproductive tract clean and healthy.

Is vaginal discharge normal?

Yes – but everyone’s normal is extremely different, so never compare yourself to anyone else. Some women get a lot of discharge to where they need to wear a panty liner, and some rarely get discharge. Discharge is how your vagina cleans itself.

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What does normal discharge look like?

Normal discharge is usually clear, white, or off-white/yellowish in color and can be a range of clear, stretchy, watery, or cloudy.

If your discharge is white but begins to look like the consistency of cottage cheese, seek immediate medical attention as this could be a sign of an infection.

What if my discharge is a different color?

Your discharge can mean a range of different thing so it’s important you always check what’s going on down there.

Below are some examples of what the different colors might mean:

Gray: bacterial vaginosis.
Pink: cervical bleeding, irritation, implantation bleeding.
Red: cervical infection, cervical polyp, endometrial or cervical cancer.
Yellow – Green: STI.

Final thoughts:

Discharge is healthy and means your body is functioning properly. It is very common for women to experience some sort of vaginal infection in their life eg Bacterial Vaginosis (check out our article here), so be sure to always check what’s going on and speak to a doctor when something seems off. You know your body best – take care of it.

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