5 Tips to Deal with UTIs while Pregnant

Posted by Christine Jurzenski on

Things people say when you’re pregnant:
“Pregnancy is beautiful🤰🌷" "Wow, you’re glowing✨!"
What they should be saying is, “make sure you’re prepared for those pregnancy UTIs…because they SUCK!"
As if being pregnant isn’t a full time job, it turns out that UTIs are more common during pregnancy for a few reasons:
1. That little human growing in you, she/he is putting pressure on your bladder (which I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you) as well as your urinary tract. That pressure can trap all the bacteria that causes UTIs.
2. Your uterus starts growing to support that little bub. As it grows, it can start to block drainage of urine, again, causing a UTI (ouch!).
So what the heck can you do to prevent it, because NO THANKS?! There are a few tips below:
1. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water each day
3. Wear 100% cotton underwear
4. Empty your bladder frequently
5. Avoid douches, perfumes, or sprays
*We recommend CRANEL, a daily shot of 3,000 cranberries + water. That’s it! No sugar, no flavouring, nothing that can harm that little beauty growing inside you!
A shot a day, keeps the antibiotics away!
Get your CRANEL here:

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