Antibiotic resistance

Posted by Christine Jurzenski on

This might be a hard pill to swallow...but ONE in FIVE women are resistant to antibiotics usually from being over-prescribed for UTIs. 💊😞

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria adapts in response to medicines and no longer are killed by antibiotics. So not cool. 😡

The CDC estimates that nearly 30% of antibiotics are overprescribed, contributing to our resistance to these helpful drugs. 

In light of these pesky bacteria, we love CRANEL for two reasons. 1) Our cranberry is clinically proven to promote anti-adhesion of bad bacteria in your body and more specifically your urinary tract. It helps flush it out to prevent UTIs and avoid over exposure to antibiotics. ~Natural~prevention baby! 💥 

2) Early studies indicate that cranberry can make your body more susceptible to antibiotic affects. Cranberry helps your body absorb and metabolise antibiotics quickly. In one study, when treated with cranberry and antibiotics, the bacteria was unable to develop a resistance. This was for two reasons - first it made the cell more permeable to the antibiotic and second it interferes with the mechanism that bacteria uses to pump out the antibiotic. BYE BACTERIA👋🦠

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