6 Signs of a UTI

Posted by Christine Jurzenski on

Okay rule 0 is don't panic. But let's cut to the chase:
1. You feel the need to pee ALL the time, especially right after you just pee'd. Keep track of this throughout the day - if you never feel relief, then you might have something that rhymes with shmuti. It might also burn when you're peeing but this can be a rare symptom...
2. Cramps (ouch!) sometimes it can feel like regular aunt flo cramps but paired with the urge to pee then you may have a UTI coming on
3. Your urine is cloudy yellow, basically it's not as clear as it was before. Try drinking loads of water to see if your urine becomes clearer
4. If you pair the above symptoms with a fever and chills then STOP reading this and go to a doctor as the infection may have reached your kidneys. Don't freak out yet, you'll be fine but better for a doctor to tell you that than a blogger
5. Don't stress - you're beautiful, capable and 60% of women get a UTI annually, so you're like so totally on trend, but check with your doc.
6. I mean you knew we would say it but CRANEL is effective in 75% of cases for preventing future UTIs so... next time give it a go! Check CRANEL our here: 
A visual representation of what a UTI feels like: 

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